Terms and Conditions

1. Contract

The present Terms and Conditions are a contract between the Customer and 777 Investments Ltd. Placing an order through website forms, email, fax, or telephone and the use of our services constitutes an acceptance of the agreement.

2. Pricing

  1. The minimum call out charge for upholstery and carpet cleaning is £50. Additional charges apply if we need to collect keys from a third party (£10.00).
  2. Over the phone, we calculate prices by using average room sizes. Parking and congestion charges will be added to your invoice.
  3. All prices quoted include 20% VAT.

3. Access

You should provide access to your property as well as access to running water and electricity. Failure to provide any of these is subject to a fee (£20.00).

4. Payment

We accept cash, cheques, bank transfer, online, e-mail and phone payments.

All online, e-mail or telephone payments are processed by PayPal to ensure that you enjoy maximum security and peace of mind when making payment.

Payments for cleaning services (except regular domestic and end of tenancy) must be made on the day of cleaning visit or 10 days upon receipt of an invoice otherwise a legal action will be taken.

  1. In case the payment has not been received by the end of the 10th day of the period provided by 777 Investments Ltd. to each Costumer, the payment will be legally taken by solicitor of the company who will contact the Costumer and take legal actions.
  2. The Client can be charged on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis according to the client's request for number of cleaning hours and interval between visits.
  3. If paying by cheque, the cheque guarantee card is required by the costumer. The Client will be responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from a dishonoured cheque.
  4. The Client can change the number of hours and the interval between cleaning visits by giving at least 24 hour notice before the next cleaning visit.

5. Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any 3rd parties!

6. Cancelation Policy

Please give us a notice 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. A cancellation fee of £20 applies if you fail to notify us.

7. Refunds

  1. The Client agrees that due to the nature of the service the Company guarantees only to correct any problems reported by Text Message or E-mail within 24 hours of the completion of the service.
  2. If the Client or any third party instructed by the Client is not present at the time of completion of the service then no claims regarding any cleaning issues can be made.
  3. If the Client instructs a third party to inspect the result from the cleaning then the Company must be notified before completion of the service.
  4. Its failure to carry out its services as a result of factors that are beyond its control. Factors beyond its control include acts of God, floods, severe weather conditions, and inability to gain access to premises, lack of appropriate resources, such as water, electricity, and lighting.
  5. We will refund 100% of the 

8. Supplementary provisions

Our staff is happy to help you with lightweight furniture.

  1. Please remove and store away all highly breakable and fragile items. Certain items are excluded from liability. These include antiques, artwork, items of sentimental value, jewelry, and cash.
  2. It may take up to five business days to respond to customer complaints. We accept complaints by fax, email, and letter.

9. Bookings out of London

For those customers living out of London we will charge only about the petrol per mile and it will be agreed between the client and 777 Investments Ltd. This price will be included in and written on your invoice.

10. Insurance

We insure all work undertaken by our cleaning operatives. Our insurance covers damages that are caused by our staff. Note that we cannot be held responsible for existing damages.

  1. Both parties shall ensure that their respective responsibilities under this agreement are undertaken in compliance with all statutory regulations and codes of conduct.
  2. The Client agrees that any use of the Company's services, including placing an order for services by telephone, fax, email, website forms shall constitute the Client's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by a director of the Company, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over any other terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the Client.
  4. No variation or alteration of these Terms and Conditions shall be valid unless approved in writing by a director of the Company.
  5. The Company reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. Any alterations will apply to new business but not existing contracts.

11. Liability

  1. The Company shall not be liable for the shrinkage of carpets as a result of natural fibre carpets being wet cleaned. The company shall ensure that the Client is verbally informed of this and a written confirmation prior to proceeding with the service will be required; any issues arising subsequently shall be the sole responsibility of the Client.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for the shrinkage of carpets as a result of poor fitting.
  3. The Company shall not be liable for carpets expanding or ripples forming during and/or after the cleaning when this is as a result of factors such as fibre content, wear and tear, weak backing and/or poor fitting.
  4. The Company shall not be responsible for a poor result in cleaning where this is a result of considerable wear and tear and/or staining to the carpet fibres prior to the service being carried out.
  5. The Company shall not be liable for any odours arising during and/or after cleaning when this is due to factors such as, lack of ventilation, and/or appropriate heating.
  6. The Company shall not be responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item.
  7. Any attempt to commit insurance fraud or any use of false information to commit any type of fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law together by the Company and the Insurance Provider(s). Monetary compensation as well as legal fees may.
  8. Both parties shall ensure that their respective responsibilities under this agreement are undertaken in compliance with all statutory regulations and codes of conduct.
  9. We are not liable for any damages caused by faulty products/equipment provided by the customer.
  10. The Company is not liable for any wear or discolouration of fabric that becomes more notable once dirt is removed.


  1. 777 Investments Ltd. reserves the right to amend the initial quotation, should the client's original requirements change or due to incomplete or incorrect initial information. Differences in the price will be added to the initial quotation.
  2. The standard End of Tenancy cleaning does not include cleaning of walls, ceilings, curtains, balconies, patios, exterior windows, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, cleaning cutlery and laundry. All of the above mentioned services, excluding walls, ceiling cleaning and laundry are available at an extra charge. However if the Client insists on cleaning of walls and ceilings then there will be an extra charge and 777 Investments Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any unsuccessful results or any damage caused to the paintwork. Also if laundry service has been especially requested there will be an extra charge and please note that 777 Investments Ltd. does not take any responsibility for damaging client's clothing.
  3. In order to commence work the property must be vacated.
  4. If a 777 Investments Ltd. operative needs to collect keys from a third party's address outside the postal code of the premises where work is to be done then a £10.00 charge may apply.
  5. If there was a dog, cat or other hairy pet animal in the house/flat then an extra £10.00 may be added to the initial quote due to the extensive amount of animal hair slowing down the cleaning process, unless agreed in advance with 777 Investments Ltd. .
  6. If the Client requires cleaning service after building work has been done recently (service also called After Builders Cleaning may take longer than a standard End of Tenancy Cleaning) then a 20% from the standard End of Tenancy Cleaning quote will be added.
  7. 777 Investments Ltd. will not be responsible for triggering any alarm systems. The Client should give specific instructions for deactivation/activation of any household alarm systems.
  8. The Client accepts and understands that poor service, breakage/damage or theft must be reported within 24 hours from our service date. Failure to do so will entitle the Client to nothing. No claims can be made against 777 Investments Ltd. after the above time limits.
  9. 777 Investments Ltd. advises that the Client or a client's representative must be at the premises at the time of completion of the job so an inspection can be done and any correction is made on site on the same day.
  10. If the Client or his/hers representative confirms that they are happy with the job done, this is considered as successful and completed job and no further claims can be made.


777 Investments Ltd. reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice.
By ordering 777 Investments Ltd. service by telephone, e-mail, fax or 777 Investments Ltd. . website the Client agrees to be bound by 777 Investments Ltd. . terms and conditions.
The relevant United Kingdom law shall govern these terms and conditions, and by agreeing to be bound by them the client agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom.

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